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Jun 04

Writer’s Block

DSCN0963I told myself that I was going to write an extra blog today.  While cleaning up around the house, ideas were flowing.  I couldn’t finish a topic before another one popped up in my head.  Wow.  Now, I sit here with a blank canvas and I am stuck.  What were all of the brilliant ideas that I had?  Where did they go?

What do I do?  Do I try to write something and get through writer’s block?  Do I give up and go outside with my children?  Do I work on the million other tasks on my to-do list?  Do I sit here and stress about the fact that I really need to publish a blog and I have nothing to write about?

There are always so many topics that I want to discuss.  I love writing about my children.  They frustrate me so much but one smile or hug and all is forgiven.  They are the reason that I want to stay home, yet the reason I need to get out a little.  I could write plenty on the children.  The list is endless.  How do I balance work and home?  Have I actually found a balance yet?  Finding time to work now that the weather is nice and I can’t be inside on my laptop.  The biggest struggle for me now is how to work without the children napping.  Should I get a babysitter when I am working to stay home with my children?

Finding time to start a business around a family is a good topic.  Dealing with an unsupportive husband who just tells me to go find a job, instead of trying to work from home.  Ways to make money from home.  Why should you hire a virtual assistant?  Why I want to be a virtual assistant?  Figuring out what I want to do with my business.  How about changing my business?  I can’t seem to figure out exactly what my niche is, though I think I am getting closer.  Do I do things to make me money today or work on my e-book which hopefully will bring me money for a while?

Wow.  This blog gave me tons of topics for the next few weeks.  Now, if I remember this list when the time comes to write!!  When stuck with writer’s block, just write, write, and write some more.  You might get a blog post or a post full of ideas!  Have a wonderful day!