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Jan 28

Why Do YOU Need a Social Media Manager?


Social Media is a new and changing field.  Many businesses are trying to jump into this exciting field.  However, social media can be complicated.  There are many different platforms and more are started daily.  A bad social media reputation can ruin a business.  So why would you need a Social Media Manager?


The main reason that many people need a Social Media Manager is time.  Social media profiles need to be checked daily. Posts need to be written.  Messages and comments need to be responded to.  If you are a blogger, those need to be written and the comments need to be discussed.


Social Media can ruin a business.  It is worse to hardly use your social media profile than to not have one at all.  Once a profile is set up, it is very important to use it.  People need to see that you have a good and professional profile and you care about the audience by posting relevant content.


Since Social media can hurt a business, you need a marketing plan.  Your message on social media needs to be constant and valuable to the specific audience that you are trying to connect to.  It is very important to post content to get your viewers liking, sharing, re-tweeting, and more.  This helps your business grow.


A good Social Media Manager will work closely with you in many ways.  If you already have some social media platforms, they will be able to clean up your sites and make them more professional. They will get rid of any spam and answer any questions that are pending.  If you are not into social media at all, a social media manager will be able to point you to the proper platforms.  They will also help you come up with a marketing plan.  Lastly, a social media manager may be able to save you time by maintaining your profiles for you.