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Mar 18

Why Do YOU Need a Blog?? Part Two.

why do you need a blog part 2

I am glad that you are back for part two of this blog.  Maybe I already convinced you that you need a blog but you are curious about the rest of the reasons.  Maybe you are still not convinced so you thought you would check back in.  Either way, let’s get back to the many reasons that you need a blog.

Blogs that are updated regularly will be found more than blogs that are not.  If you update your blogs with content that people want to read, they will keep searching for it.  The more you have available, the easier it is to be found.

Blogs allow you to be seen as an expert and someone who can be trusted and counted on.  As long as you write content that is informative, people are going to assume that you know what you are talking about.  If you keep delivering good information, people will start to that they can trust you.

Blogs can help you make money with AdSence.  With advertising using AdSence, you can make money while people visit your blog.  Usually you get paid every time someone clicks a link that they found on your website.

Blogs allow people to subscribe to your list.  If you are starting a mailing list, how do you find people?  Have a link on your website and blog for them to subscribe.  If they are reading your blogs, they may decide that you have enough interesting and helpful information to make them want to join your mailing list.   

Blogs help you find customers.  Customers are people who read blogs.  Why shouldn’t you try to find them by blogging?  They are looking for good content so give it to them and you will find customers.

You might think blogging is too much.  However, most blogs can be scheduled if needed.  You can write a few blogs, schedule them, and not worry about writing any more for a bit.  If writing is not your thing, there are many people who would be happy to write some quality content for you.  Most virtual assistants, like me, love to write and would enjoy helping you connect with your customers.