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Apr 23

What to Do About Writer’s Block

It happens to everyone.  You can’t think of anything to write.  Maybe you saved a whole day to write.  You could have just been trying to squeeze in fifteen minutes.  No matter how long that you had to write, you are stressing because you are just sitting in your chair staring at the computer.   Here are some tips to help.

If you have time, take a walk and clear your mind.  Read a book.  Do something that relaxes you and your mind.  Forget about writing and the ideas just might flow.

If you need to write but have a little time,  read some similar blogs.  Maybe you can elaborate on something that someone else wrote.  Do you have a totally different angle?  Maybe you can combine two or three posts and come up with an unique blog post.

If you have a little time, do some research.  What are people talking about today?  What do they want to read about?

If you don’t have time, make a list into a blog post.  What are your top ten blogs?  Is it the beginning or the end of the year?  Make a most popular list.  You could also do a most unpopular blog list.  This could get you some new readers.

If you really have no time, recycle a post.  Go through some of your older posts.  Pick something relevant.  It might be a good idea to update it slightly if it is a really old post.

If you have no time, hire someone else to write a blog post for you. Guest bloggers and ghost bloggers are becoming popular because people do not have time to write their own posts.  Many virtual assistants will be happy to write some posts for you.  Hiring someone else may be an easy way to make writer’s block much less stressful.

Writer’s block happens to everyone regardless of deadlines.  Often, deadlines can make it even worse.  However, whether or not you have a lot of time or almost none, there are plenty of ways to get a blog post written on time.