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Jun 18

Time Management

If you are like a lot of busy business people, you have limited time to work.  You may be like me, a mother working around her two children, her husband, animals, and a part time job.  You may just have a full time job to support you, until your business starts making a profit.  No matter where you fit (or somewhere in the middle), you need to have good time management skills to make the time count when you are actually working.

Have a plan.  Especially if your time is limited, you need to know what tasks you need to accomplish when you sit down.  Even if you know that you won’t be able to get everything done, are there certain tasks that are more important?  Make a list and be prepared.  Do not be afraid to list it in order of importance.  Even if you have only a few minutes, you might be able to get one thing done (or started). 

Keep your office organized.  Same with your office.  If you get a few minutes, you do not want to waste them looking for papers.  Get organized and stay that way.  Have things ready if you can sneak in a few minutes of work here and there.

Hire help (if you need it).  You do not need to do everything.  Is there a task that you absolutely hate to do?  Or something that takes you hours that someone else could do in one?  A smart business man (or woman) knows that their time is best spent making money.  Focus on money making tasks and delegate anything else that you can.

Get a schedule and keep it.  Now we all know that things come up, but if, every time we sit down to work, something comes up, you will be out of business shortly.  Instead, do your best to set a schedule.  Find a babysitter one day a week.  Get up an hour early to work.  Find time and stick to it.

Take time for yourself.  Running a business if hard.  However, running yourself ragged trying to do it all (and do it perfectly) is not going to be good for business.  Take breaks and vacations if needed.  Spend time with your family.  Relax and read a book.  Watch a good movie.  Time alone is time well spent.

The hardest part of running a business is time management.  I try to squeeze in as much time as I can.  However, I always make sure that I have a plan so I am prepared if the boys fall asleep or play quietly.  I am working on the organization part.  That is not one of my strong suits.  However, I am learning to take time by myself.  I was really stressed the other week, trying to do everything.  I simply can’t do it all and I am learning to be alright with that.