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Aug 04

Three Ways To Get Motivated In Your Business

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My last blog focused on how unmotivated I was to wake up early and work on my business. Besides trying to catch up on sleep, I also have trouble when I try to work outside. All I can see is everything else that I should be doing. I see the mowing that needs to be done and the weeding. How can I sit and write when I should be weeding that never ends?

So, how can anyone get any work done when there is so much else that needs to be done?

  • Make your business a priority. If you have to call your business a job, do it! If you have to make business hours so you will put in the time, then that is what you are going to have to do.
  • Set goals. Sometimes it is important to set goals so that you know what you need to accomplish. You should set both short and long-term goals. Then, you may need to write down the steps to help you reach your goals. Whenever you are unmotivated, you need to look at the steps that you need to be doing to reach your goals.
  • Make sure that your family is supportive. A supportive family will help you with your business. If you need extra time to work on your business, they will understand. They may also watch your children for you so you can catch up!

It can be so hard to own a business, especially when you work from home and have other responsibilities. It can be hard to work with a dirty kitchen and the laundry piling up. Add in a few children who really need you and you might just call it a day! However, this is what separates the serious business owners with the not-so-serious ones!

Which one am I? Depends on the day and what else is calling?

See you next week!