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May 27

The Importance of a Schedule (For Everyone)


I have finally quit my one job.  However, it was not because I was able to support my family with my virtual assistant business.  My veterinary job was able to give me more hours so I wouldn’t have to work two part time jobs.  I am incredibly thankful because the stress of the other job is gone.  Instead, we have a new schedule and we can’t seem to find a balance to it all.

On top of trying to balance more hours, babysitting has gotten a little complicated.  My mother’s business is taking off and she is struggling to watch the boys.  My father has not been able to help her much.  In a few weeks, he will be able to switch schedules so that he is able to help.  Until then, she is really struggling with her business and the boys.

She is also trying to find ways to keep them away from her house.  She is taking them to parks and other places.  Instead of spending the whole day at her house, she runs them around from place to place.  This is fine except that the boys are not napping.

I must also admit that when I am home, naps are not a top priority for me also.  I am trying to get a few things done, run errands, and spend time with the boys.  Instead of making them nap, I make excuses and I pay for it dearly every evening.

To top it all off, Evan started climbing out of the crib.  I can’t just stick him in his crib.  He had to get a big boy bed so he can climb right out.  When I do try to enforce nap time, I can hear giggling back the hallway.  The boys sit just inside their rooms and laugh together.

One day I decided to just try thirty minutes of quiet time with the boys in their rooms.  Every ten minutes, I put one of them back in their rooms.  One and a half hours later, I gave up and we went back outside.   However, Evan still needs to nap.  So I am just going to have to get the boys back on track and stick to it.  My sanity and business really need it!

Schedules are important.   They are important for happier boys (and mommies).  They are also important so I can get my business back on track.  Let’s see how today’s nap goes!!  Wish me luck, I really need it!