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Apr 11

Struggling With My Blog

It is that time again. Time to write my blogs. I am struggling so much when it comes to my blogs. I like writing personal blogs because it can be very therapeutic to get all of my feelings out. Also- I want working parents (especially those who work from home) to know that life is crazy and that they are not alone.

However, I know that it is better to write blog posts that are informative. It is good for my business – getting new customers. Good blog posts will show them what they can expect from me. If I write bad posts that are all personal, most businesses won’t want me to write their blogs for them. If I write really good ones, it will be easier to get clients.

Then, there are the ones about my books. I love giving you sneak peeks to my books, even if it doesn’t lead to sales. I am proud of my books and I want everyone to read them – especially my mom books. I think that they are my best and I enjoyed writing them!

I guess my blog is just like my writing life! I am torn between BlogMutt and my books. Even though I like writing books, BlogMutt is where I get my income. With many expenses coming up, that is more important than ever!

Guess I will continue to write, write, and write some more. I have had a lot of success with BlogMutt lately and it feels good! I have snuck in some extra writing time lately and I enjoy being able to see it pay off!

I hope that you are all enjoying the nice weather, as well as in your business, whatever it may be!