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Jun 30

Stressed and Overwhelmed

The past few weeks, I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed.  Raising children is hard and some days it seems like they never behave.  Since it is so nice out, we are constantly outside.  Then, they barely nap anymore.  This means that, to work on my business or exercise, I have to get up way too early.  Then, by the time I get them to bed and unwind enough to fall asleep, it seems like it is time to get up already.

I have been a mess lately: grumpy and miserable.  I don’t talk, I scream and still no one listens.  I am a ball of nerves.  I can feel how tense my body is.  I had to hit rock bottom to realize that.

Since then, about three weeks ago, I have let go.  Unfortunately, that gave me a massive migraine for a whole week.  Here are some things that I have decided and realized!

  • Some days, sleep is more important than anything.
  • I will lose the baby weight eventually.  Exercise is important but not if I can’t function.  I also am going to try to do more walking while the kids are playing or riding their bikes.  This might be easier to fit into my day.
  • The money I make in my Virtual Assistant business is nice but not a necessity.  I use it to try to pay off some bills quicker.  However, if I can’t work, I am not going to stress about it.
  • I am going to set a goal for Blogmutt, my main source of my business.  I am going to try to do two posts a day during the week.  If I get more done, I will be excited.  If not, I am alright with that.  If I don’t get any done, I will try harder tomorrow.
  • I am going to learn to say no – with my part time job and a virtual assistant that I have been helping out.  I hate not picking up extra shifts but if I can’t, I just can’t do it.  I also need to tell another virtual assistant no.  A lot of times she asks me to do things last minute and I usually try to help.  However, I really need to think about the boys first.  Sometimes I help her with the boys screaming in the background.  Not helpful at all!
  • I have so little time to devote to my business, that I want to make sure that I enjoy what I am doing.  Writing does not seem like work so I think that I have found my niche.  Currently, I am trying to decide whether or not to shut down my Facebook page.  Also, no one likes to do paperwork so I do mine regularly so that it does not pile up.
  • If I am not in the mood to write, I am not going to waste my time sitting here waiting to get my creative juices flowing.  There is always tomorrow, unless I am on a deadline.
  • There is nothing wrong with sitting and watching your children play or playing with them.  They will only be this small once and you don’t want to waste it.
  • I am important too.  I have to take care of myself also.

Since I have discovered these things (well, started living by them) and after the migraine went away, I have felt much better.  I scream less (though my kids still misbehave).  Of course, I am still working on saying no.  That one is very hard for me.  I am more rested (even if I am not any skinnier).  I actually think that I might be more productive.  I work harder when I get the time.  I have three good paychecks coming from Blogmutt since I am learning their system.

Now- I only have one wish.  I wish that I could find some miniature laptop or something that I could write and research my blogs outside while the boys play.  Any thoughts or ideas?