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Mar 26

Running a Business


2014 year - Page 037

Running a business is a lot of hard work.  You spend a lot of time doing things that do not actually make you money – yet.  You schedule Facebook posts, spend time on social media, and write a blog.  You spend time building relationships with potential clients – later, sometimes much later in time.  If you are building your own website, wow, expect to spend a lot of time working on that.  You spend hours keeping track of your book keeping, clients, and invoicing.  Added to the virtual assistant business, you spend hours honing your skills and taking classes – to make yourself more valuable to clients.  Sometimes it seems that all you do is things that do not make you money.  With all of these things, where do you find the time to actually do the work that makes you money?

It is a definite balance when you own your own business, especially in the beginning.  I think it is very hard to figure out the balance.  Ideally, we would all hire our own Virtual Assistants to do the things that we don’t want to.  However, that is really not common, especially in the beginning.

When you are starting out (like I am), life is a balance.  I feel that all I am currently doing is social media, blogging, and building relationships.  I am looking for jobs in several places but have not found what I am looking for – yet.  I have a small client – I am her Virtual Assistant.  I help her with whatever she needs help with.  I have two leads with some work which is very promising.  I also have a lead for a real estate office when the real estate market picks up.

Mostly, I am trying to decide where to focus my energies.  I took a class on social media and decided to specialize in that.  Then, I decided that I love to write and am working on that.  Then, I go back to social media.  My best lead is probably going to be as a Virtual Assistant for Realtors.  It is my business and I can shape it the way that I want to.   I can do all of these things if I want.  I just need to figure out which way to go and GO!