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Feb 18

Personal – Let’s Try Some Thing New!


This week I am shifting to a more personal blog.  I feel compelled to start a mommy blog and even though my life is never boring with two young boys and my puppy, I am not sure if I can get enough content to start one.  Also, I am not sure that I want to add another blog onto my full plate.  So, this means, as my loyal readers, that you will find yourself reading some more personal posts about my crazy life.

Crazy is being stuck inside for what feels like months.  It has been a full month or so.  All spring, summer, and fall, we were only inside to eat (well we did plenty of that outside too), sleep, and watch a little television before bed.  Now, we are lucky to walk outside once a day.  Usually it is only to rush to the vehicle.  I don’t think we even ventured outside for 3 days straight last week.  It is just too cold and miserable.  The boys didn’t even get out of the house to go to Grammy’s house for over a week since they lost electricity.

Today it snowed again.  Though it is two inches, I don’t even feel like shoveling because it is nothing compared to the almost two feet that we got last week and the inch of ice that we had two weeks ago.  This weather feels like it will never end and we need out of the house – all of us – before we lose our minds.

Now, we have colds – sore throats, snotty noses, and hoarse coughs.  At this point, I don’t think any of us can feel any more miserable, well unless Evan gets another ear infection.  I am very worried that it is a possibility.  Looks like a pj day for us, unless I decide to take Evan to the doctors.

Maybe there is something to his mommy blog.  I feel better already but do you?  Maybe you don’t feel so alone today?  If not, I accomplished something even if this blog is nothing like I intended.  My personal blog for today was going to be about working from home.  Oh well, maybe next week?  See you then.