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Apr 18

Meet Rosie

So, this has nothing to do with my writing but we have a new member of our family!

Meet Rosie! She is a four-month-old Border Collie and we love her.

She was living in an apartment on a busy road. Anyone who knows this breed knows how much they need space and things to do! Right away, Rosie adored the boys and our big yard.

She seems pretty calm and is doing well. After one disastrous day, she hasn’t had many accidents in the house. She loves being outside and hates when the boys go out without her.

Now, if we could only get rid of the leash, life would be really good!

Apr 11

Struggling With My Blog

It is that time again. Time to write my blogs. I am struggling so much when it comes to my blogs. I like writing personal blogs because it can be very therapeutic to get all of my feelings out. Also- I want working parents (especially those who work from home) to know that life is crazy and that they are not alone.

However, I know that it is better to write blog posts that are informative. It is good for my business – getting new customers. Good blog posts will show them what they can expect from me. If I write bad posts that are all personal, most businesses won’t want me to write their blogs for them. If I write really good ones, it will be easier to get clients.

Then, there are the ones about my books. I love giving you sneak peeks to my books, even if it doesn’t lead to sales. I am proud of my books and I want everyone to read them – especially my mom books. I think that they are my best and I enjoyed writing them!

I guess my blog is just like my writing life! I am torn between BlogMutt and my books. Even though I like writing books, BlogMutt is where I get my income. With many expenses coming up, that is more important than ever!

Guess I will continue to write, write, and write some more. I have had a lot of success with BlogMutt lately and it feels good! I have snuck in some extra writing time lately and I enjoy being able to see it pay off!

I hope that you are all enjoying the nice weather, as well as in your business, whatever it may be!

Mar 28

A Surprising Find

So, as I wrote my review for a book I read on (yes- another one of my many jobs), I thought that I would take a moment to see if any of my books were on there.

Turns out – they all are on there and some even have reviews! Good ones too! It was just the pick me up that I needed.

When I was first starting out (maybe a year ago), I wanted to get some reviews for two or three of my books in the Work From Home Series. I gave away probably around twenty copies (if not more) of my books and waited to see the results.

What happened? You will never believe it.

I only got two reviews on each of my three books. I felt like I wasted two or three days contacting people and sending out all of those books. I even followed up with most of them (took another day or two), giving everyone the link to the book on Amazon and that didn’t help at all!













I am still trying to decide whether or not the reviews really matter. I am sure that they help, especially with new writers. Why would anyone try a book by a new artist? Good reviews may sway them in the direction. Maybe I need to try to get some more reviews to help sell more books!

I will have to add that to my to-do list! Though, I don’t want to waste my time. That was simply ridiculous.


If you think you would like to review my book and put it on Amazon and maybe GoodReads, let me know. I would be happy to send a copy your way.

Mar 21

Struggling to Write

I love to blog though I always struggle when it comes time to actually sit down and write my own. I blog plenty at BlogMutt with hardly any problems. Well, the more I think about it, the less true I think that may be. I have been struggling to write most of the past few weeks – no matter what the subject or where.

I hate struggling.













It is really hard for me.

It feels like my family has been going through some changes. Neal switched jobs and he is home way more which is great. He had the evenings to work with the boys on some projects. Yet it is still an adjustment. I was still able to write in the mornings and afternoons when I had a chance, and even when he took the boys outside.

As we continued to adjust, he had to switch shifts. He leaves for work right when Cody is almost home. They miss each other by fifteen to twenty minutes. He comes home when we are all asleep (one in the morning or so). He gets to see Evan because Evan doesn’t have school every day and even when he does, he is home to spend some time with him before he has to go to work.

This has thrown me off completely. When I am used to getting up, getting the boys to school, exercise, and write, as well as take care of other chores, I feel like I am not getting anything done at all!

Now – the laundry and dishes are still done on a regular basis and I make food to feed everyone. Lunches (and dinners) are still packed but I don’t know when to write. I try to do some in the morning but it is the only time I get to spend with Neal. I try to work when they boys get to sleep but I haven’t felt so good lately so some nights, I put the boys to bed and curl in myself – the laptop entirely forgotten. There are days when I don’t even open it!

Ah – the life of a work at home mom! I hope that once this sickness leaves all of us and we figure out a schedule, it will be back to work as normal!

Mar 14

My Newest Creation

So, I always start a new ebook as soon as I finish one.

My next one is about blogging!













Here is a sample question to hold you over!

Why Should Businesses Blog?

Since most people won’t know about you and your business, typing your website right into their web browser to find you, you are going to have to find a way for people to actually see it!

One of the best reasons to blog is for your customers to find you! Most people find businesses through search engines.

To have a better chance of getting found, your website needs to have multiple pages. However, you can’t fill up your website with pages simply to get more customers. Your website will quickly become unmanageable and you will lose the customers that you were trying to reach.

Instead, business blogging can help because every time that you post a new blog on your website, search engines see it as a new webpage on your website. They won’t clutter up your website because they are all organized on your blog page.

So, every time that you publish a new blog (creating another page on your website), you are creating more opportunities for people to find you through search engines.



Mar 07

New Book Coming Out Soon

I am excited to have another book come out. I have been scrambling with my other projects that my ebooks have gotten pushed back.

This just can’t happen!

So, I did some work and my newest book is getting proofread before I publish it. With it, I am going back to my roots – my direct sales root that is!













Here is a sample chapter from this book!

Why Should I Consider Starting a Direct Sales Business?

There are so many reasons why you should think about starting a business with a direct sales company.

Here are some good ones:

Anyone can join. It is true. Anyone who wants to can join any direct sales company. You can even join more than one if you want.

It doesn’t cost very much to join. Most companies charge you less than one hundred dollars to get started. This usually involves some marketing materials like catalogs and order forms, as well as some products to try.

You can work whenever you want. Direct sales allows people to work whenever they want and wherever they want. Though you need to put the work in to be successful, you aren’t stuck working eight hours a day from nine until five. You can work part-time around your family and even your full-time job if you want.

Many people start because they love the products and want a discount. Whether or not they push for sales, they started because of the product. These people can sometimes be the best sales people because their love of the product is infectious.

The money is also a good reason to start. You will earn money for every product you sell. If you get a party together of several people, you can make quite a bit of money for a few hours of work.

A direct sales business can help you socialize. This is especially true for parents who want to work from home. They don’t get to talk to anyone other than their small children. By hosting a party, they can get out of the house for a few hours and relax with some friends.

If you join a good team, you will really start to enjoy the socialization you get with your sponsors, uplines, and all of the others on the team. Team meetings can be a great way to get motivated to sell, sell, and sell some more.


I hope that you enjoy this book when it comes out – which should be soon. If you can think of any topics that I need to answer questions about, please let me know!


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