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Sep 12

Onto New Things

Wow – life has a way of going too fast. What started as taking a month off from writing posts turned into several. I don’t know how I got so behind in my writing!

Summer just flew by. I barely did anything that I wanted to with the boys. Playdates with friends, time swimming in the pool, just staying home and playing. Now, the boys are in school already and I have no idea where the summer went.

One good thing about school is that I finally have time for myself. I started a long list of things that I will finally have time to do around the house. I can also get caught up on my blogging here, as well as focus on catching up on bills.

Here is to a full and productive first month of school (plus the boys’ first day of school picture)!





I hope that you are enjoying this month and have set some goals for yourself.