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Jul 14

New Book

It is that time again!

I have finished my latest e-book, the second book in my Work From Home Series and I am very proud of it.

Work From Home: Working Around Children is for small business owners who are struggling to work around their children.

It is available on Amazon and Smashwords for the low price of 99 cents at the moment. Catch it at that price before it is TOO late!









Every parent knows that the most difficult job in the world is raising children. But what happens when you also want to contribute to the family income while staying at home with the kids?

That’s where Work From Home: Working Around Children comes in! Dedicated to helping you navigate the maze of at-home careers, this book understand just how difficult it is to fight past the interruptions and make time for work with kids in the house. Learn how to plan out your day, but also remain flexible, hire the right babysitter—when you really need the peace and quiet—and also make time for your family, no matter what age your children are.

Work From Home includes chapters full of invaluable advice on topics such as:



-Mom (and Dad) Guilt

-Advice for Different Ages

-When You Want to Give Up

-And Much More!

Remember, as long as there is balance between work and family, you and your business will succeed!