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Apr 02


2014 year - Page 037

I have always been told to network, network, network, especially with your business.  I have been working on building relationships but I have also been looking through job ads, searching a lot for jobs.  The funny thing is, through networking, I have gotten several leads.

I met a Virtual Assistant through a VA group and she has taken me under her wing.  I started out working a little with her in exchange for her guidance.  Now, it is a paid job.  She can only spare a few hours a month but it is so exciting to finally say that I have work as a Virtual Assistant.

My second job was a one time deal but it was very exciting because I found her all on my own.  I met her several years ago with a stay at home job.  That job did not work out for either of us and I found her on Facebook with a direct sales job.  She was explaining how she didn’t really understand much about Facebook and posting.  I think I spent about two to four hours working with her.  I did enough postings for her for a month so she could see what she needed to be posting.  I also helped her learn to post them in advanced.  Though, it was only a few hours, it was very nice to get a client by myself.

Now, I have three possibilities at this time.  A former boss is looking at social media.  I offered to help and we have a meeting set up.  A friend from high school is looking for stay at home moms looking for work.  We have a meeting set up.  My mom is a real estate agent and her office might be looking for help on an as needed basis.  These are all possible jobs that I have due to networking.  Networking can be powerful.  It is worth it.