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Jan 15

My First Blog

Wow.  It is exciting to be working on my new business and website.  It feels like it has taken months to actually get here.  The prep work is very exhausting.  It takes a lot of thought.  I have taken several classes to help me prepare for this day.

Then, with the holidays, time seemed to stop.  I had no time to work on my business.  However, I am very excited to introduce myself and jump right in.

My name is Shelley and I am a mom of two boys who drive me crazy sometimes.  They are so full of energy and are a full time job.  However, it is necessary for me to work.  I work two part time jobs.

I have tried a few things to help me stay at home and bring in some extra cash.  Nothing has worked, up until now.  I have researched Virtual Assistants well and I really am excited to stay at home and find a job that I can enjoy.  I am excited to be able to use my strengths to help you.

I am really excited about the social media manager aspect of the job.  I really enjoy socializing with people.  I understand that you do not always make quick sales with social media but you do make friends and build relationships.  I look forward to helping others reach out using Facebook and Twitter, enriching their lives.

I am looking forward to building my business and working around my children’s schedule.  I want to start slow and build up to full time when they start going to school.  Being a Virtual Assistant will allow me the chance to spend more time with them and help out my family by bringing in some additional money.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to helping you out, in whatever way you need me to.   Feel free to ask any questions.  I will guide you in any way that I can.