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Oct 11

Making Adjustments

School is in session for one child at least! He is adjusting well and doing good in Kindergarten. Evan will start school in a few weeks. He will go to preschool three mornings a week.









We are in a balance of trying to find a new schedule for our family. However, I know when Evan starts school soon that we will have to get another schedule. Then, if Neal changes jobs, we will have to adjust again.

Life (and business) is all about adjusting. However, it is not easy to do. The first week that Cody went to school, Evan and I stayed inside all morning getting things done instead of spending the day outside like we used to. However, Evan can’t watch television all morning just so I can be productive. That is just not right!

So, we keep trying new things in order to get a good schedule for us. Though, by the time we get started on a few things, it is time to pick Cody up again. He heads right into the hay field to look for butterflies since he has been cooped up all day.

I have a feeling by the time that we get a good schedule, Evan will start school and the whole process will start over and who knows about Neal’s schedule. If he switches shifts, it will change everything all around.

So, we just keep adjusting and adjusting some more until things work out. Life is all about that. I am going to focus on adjustment and schedules for the next few blogs so that we can figure out how to adjust better and why schedules are so important.