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Aug 11

Images on Your Blog –

Writing a blog is fun and challenging. I love to get my feelings out. However, I really enjoy finding the pictures to show what my blog is all about. Now, for awhile, I was very scared about copy writing issues. I have heard about some bloggers getting sued about the pictures that they were using on their blogs. No one makes enough from their blog to get sued!

So I took a class and found a very cool website where I can be my own designer. I just love it. The only problem is time. I wish I had more time to put toward my images for my blogs. I don’t take enough time on my own blog to really focus on the images, even though I really love the program. I usually just scramble to get an image and get my blogs published!

Untitled design(1)








Anyway, the website is I highly recommend that you try it out. You can use your own pictures and add text. You can also use some of theirs for free or they offer some pictures for a reasonable fee. You could also get some stock photos from other sources and use them too! I just need to do a little more research about that before I start looking for stock images to use. I am really scared about getting sued.

Personally, I have been using my own images and adding text. I also have been using their free images when possible. I have also paid for some images. I have done some Facebook posts for a client and gotten good feedback. I personally think that they look really nice.

Check it out today!