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Jul 08

I’d Rather Be Blogging!

It is that time of month again.  No, not THAT time of month but it is time to post to my Facebook page.  I run two different pages and I try to post to them twice a day.  I usually try to schedule a whole month at a time and I am finding that it is not something that I enjoy.

Part of me really wonders why I thought that I would enjoy working with social media.  I am actually thinking of taking it off of my list of services that I offer.  I am also thinking of getting rid of my Facebook and Twitter page.  I barely have any reach with either of them.  I really want to focus on my blog more so that I can show potential customers what I offer.

Since I enjoy blogging so much, I think having a good blog would show clients that I can write good posts and that I am worth hiring.  Does that make sense or is it just my way of justifying my actions?

Now – even though I have finally made more money than I spent on my business (by only thirty dollars), I am thinking of looking for a course on blogging.  I know that I have a lot to learn but I think that learning and practicing what I learn will go a long way toward showing clients that I have a lot to offer.

Any thoughts on any good blogging courses?

Anyone think I should focus on my blog more than Facebook posts?

Thanks in advanced and I’ll talk to you soon!