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Dec 13

Growing my Ebook Business

I have been taking a lot of courses on ebooks, marketing, and growing an ebook business.

Untitled design(1)This is really exciting to me, though I am learning that I can’t do it without help!

Most of the courses are about having multiple books for sale. The more books that you have for sale, the better chance they have of selling. All of the courses recommend outsourcing so that you are able to get more books out there.

You can outsource for the cover and formatting (which I do). I couldn’t make a cover or format the book in an hour or two so it makes sense to me to pay five to ten dollars to get a professional one done.

They also recommend outsourcing the research, whether you just want to find a profitable idea or for the book itself. Some recommend outsourcing the writing of the ebook. That is the quickest way to get multiple books on the market quickly. If you have three writers, you could get three books out every month or even more than that.

So, I have been thinking. I have so many different ideas in my head that just want to come out. I have hired someone to help me with the research. Now I just need to find time to get them written.

I also hired someone to write one for me. I had an outline but, other than that, I wasn’t really sure where to go from there. I thought hiring someone to help me build the ideas would be good. I planned on rewriting it and adding my own thoughts to it. Though we fought over the cost, she sent me a book above and beyond what was discussed. I can’t wait to find time to work on that.

Here is to my ebook empire!