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Oct 03

Finding Motivation to Write

I have been fighting a cold. I am putting in more hours at the veterinary clinic to help and I am just exhausted. However, blogs still need to be written and things need to get done around the house. So, how can I get myself to actually do them? Here are some tips to help with motivation (especially when it comes to writing).

Set goals. When people set goals, they will actually work harder in order to go above and beyond simply meeting the goals. What is your minimum that you need to do? Just write two blogs today. You can write more tomorrow.

Make lists. It helps to have a list of things to do (or topics to write on). It helps to motivate you because you know what you need to get done.

Do research. If you can’t actually write anything, make a list of topics and do your research. Not only will you have something written, it may help you get motivated to start (or just let you know where to start tomorrow).

Walk away. Trying to sit and write when your mind is blank will get you nowhere but several hours of wasted time and no words. Take a walk, play with your dog, or simply read for a few minutes until motivation hits.

I think for now, I am going to walk away and exercise. Then, I might shower. I will probably feel better after that and hopefully, I will be able to write, write, and write some more!