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Oct 10

Finding a New Routine

Many people have routines that they follow to get ready for work in the morning. They eat breakfast, shower, and get dressed in their work clothes. But what happens when you work from home? Do you shower and get dressed or do you stay in your pajamas all day?

I am working on getting in a new routine. After getting the boys on the bus, I have been trying to take a long walk before showering, cleaning up the house, and then sitting down to write before I have to go to work at the veterinary hospital.

Then, it started raining so the walks were out. I did some other exercises. The past week, I have been fighting a cold and have been tired so I haven’t exercised right away. Instead, I have done some writing first and then exercised and showered.

I am not sure if there is much difference. I like getting my exercising out of the way so I may try to walk the rest of the week, as long as the weather holds, though I am also picking up more hours at the vet’s office so I may be rushing to get to work most mornings. I also like the feeling of a shower. I just feel much better so maybe I should make that a priority too!

But there is always next week! The important thing is that I need to find what works and keep doing it.

Last week, I was a writing machine. Every morning before I went to work, I made sure that I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I had one customer who wanted to buy fifteen posts by Friday so I made sure that I sat down and got most of them done. I am always motivated by customers who pay quickly.

The important thing is to find a routine and stick to it! Maybe in another month or so, I will be able to tell you what is working for me. What works for you?