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May 20

Feeling Ecstatic



It is amazing how a glowing recommendation can make you feel. I had been working with a client on for a week. It was a very busy week. I started writing one blog and the client was so impressed that I ended up writing about five or six more blogs in two days.

For each one I wrote, he wanted more (and more). He then asked me to research another few blogs. He thought that these were the best yet. I then asked him how he chose me over all of the other bloggers on the site. Trust me, there are a ton!

This was his response:

“We have tried over a dozen writers before you, not just for blog posts but for Article and PR distribution too, and NONE of them have immediately gotten straight to the point in the Articles like you did. It’s a huge advantage to us that you are a mum to 2 little boys as well, which adds a more personal and closer touch to your writing. Your style of writing is compact, precise, straight to the point and extremely informative. There aren’t any boring bits and you still manage to keep it professional and friendly at the same time.

You are extremely easy to work with, there’s no hassle or fuss and you do your best to always deliver on time. We are truly proud to have you on board with us as our writer!

Always a privilege working with you Shelley, keep up the amazing work!! I recommend this writer to everyone out there, if you would like excellent quality work in a short space of time, look no further! I have tried over a dozen writers and Shelley is the best by far. Won’t be going anywhere else!”

He told me to use my testimonial on my website!

Days later, I am still excited by this. He tried several other writers but was completely impressed by me! That means so much to me. It makes me realize that I really do enjoy writing. Now, if only I could find a way to keep him as a client off of and make what I am worth!