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Feb 25

Facebook Postings (My Little Rant)



I just scheduled my Facebook posts for the month.  Now I must admit, by the end I felt like screaming so obviously I do not need to have a whole month scheduled in one sitting.  However, when I lose electricity, which is often, it is good to know that my posts and blogs are still going out on schedule.

When I schedule my posts for my one fun page, it is easy.  For Scrapbooks by Shelley (, I fill my posts with my own scrapbook pages that I have done digitally.  I also find a lot of fun sayings that could be used on scrapbooking pages.  I fill Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with funny pictures and sayings.  They are often liked.  I can do a month worth in just about an hour or two.  Well, not the making of my scrapbook pages but I have plenty of pages still to post.

Then, it is time for Virtually Shelley.  Since my business is so new and I am trying to find out my proper audience, I am having more trouble.  I love images.  I think that they get more shares and likes.  I also start with Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays just to give people more chances to like my things and help my brand branch out.

Then, I often feel stuck.  I made a list of important things to post but do I even bother getting it out?  No, that would be too simple.  I look for images since I feel that people generally like quotes.  However, they are really not about my business.  I try to look for things that make people smile, like children and pets.  I know that I am more likely to click at pictures of children and pets.

After I fill most of the month up with images and quotes, I scramble to find meaningful articles that will help people.  I want them to understand why they need a virtual assistant, why social media is important, and why people want to work at home.  Maybe I need to find a new way to post for my social media.  As I sit here typing this, I am determined that it will be easier.  I am going to start next month.  I will come up with a plan.

So here is my plan for social media.  I will do my Scrapbooks by Shelley the way that I normally do because it works and it is fun.  Then, I will start my Virtually Shelley one.  I will focus on one thing at a time, find a few things to post, and post them.  If I have time to do more, I will.  If not, I will not try to hurry.  I will come back later.  Also, I will remember my handy dandy list of meaningful things to post.  Social media does not have to be done so far in advanced.  I will just schedule in short blocks of time every week to work on the next months.  Maybe I will start working on the posts for next month as early as next week.

What can I say?  Social media is a learning curve.  As much as I am learning, I am here to guide you through yours.