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My Ebooks For Sale

I am very excited to be a published author on many different platforms – including Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and much more!

It has always been a dream of mine to write a book and now I am the proud author of several series of ebooks!

I started out writing a book to help my digital scrapbooking business. A few years passed and I was looking for some ways to stay home with my children while contributing to the household. Now, I have more than ten books ready!

Check below to see all of my books for sale and where they are available! Just remember to keep checking back for any more books that are ready!

Thank you!

Work From Home Ebooks

My first series of ebooks is called Work From Home. I am really proud of them! I have worked hard to make sure that they are informative and helpful so that you can have a successful business in the privacy of your own home! These books include: My first Work From Home is Work From Home: Can …

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Your Questions Answered Ebooks

My latest series of ebooks is called Your Questions Answered.  I have worked hard to make sure that I have answered some of the top questions about topics that will be important to you. Though most of them are about running a business in your home, I am also branching out with some other topics! …

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Miscellaneous Ebooks

Even though most of my books are in a series, there are a few that are stand alone books. Even with this said, I hope that readers can pick and choose the books that suit their needs! Some of my stand alone books include: It is really hard to publish a book so I am …

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Good Mom Ebooks

My Good Mom series is my most personal series to date! It is also the hardest ones to publish – I am really putting myself out there and that is scary! These ebooks include: The first one is I Am A Good Mom, Right?: And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small …

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Kindle Unlimited Readers

For Kindle Unlimited Readers, I have several bundles available to read for free! If you are a subscriber, check them out!   The first one, Work From Home Bundle 1: Can You Do It All? and Working With Children is available on Amazon.               Here is the synopsis: Two …

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