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Feb 14


I was recently thrown for a loop. My writing services were no longer needed at my steady writing job. They left me a voicemail when I was at my veterinary job – with no explanation.

Though I was extremely stressed there lately due to the amount of work that they were throwing at me, I didn’t have a backup for the loss of steady income. Though we didn’t live off of that income, I did use it to catch up on bills and have a little extra.

Untitled design(6)

So, I am back at square one trying to decide the direction that I want my business to go.

I decided not to think about it all weekend. Instead, I spent time with my family and told myself that I wasn’t going to worry about it at all.

Now, it is Monday and Tuesday and I am not sure what I want to do!

I have three or four ebooks in the works so I think that I am going to work hard to get them all done and published. With all of these books for sale, I am hoping that the sales will follow. Though – I really am going to have to start to market my books if I want to see significant sales.

Then, I will probably go back to BlogMutt. I just love writing there. There is so much work on a variety of topics! There is no stress (except with how many pieces I feel like I should be able to write there on a regular basis). If I things to do, it will be there when I get back.

Maybe I rushed into finding a job where I had to write regularly. Life got in the way and they wanted someone to be there any time of day or night.

Here is to the next chapter of my business!