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Category Archive: Writer’s Block

Mar 10

Starting March Off Right

March is a new month. Time to get over my dreaded writers block. It is time to set new goals and reach them. Or at least reach my normal goals at BlogMutt. Since I have already chalked February up to a bad month, I can just move on and start fresh with March. I need …

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Mar 06

More Writers Block

My case of writers block has continued through this week. I have been able to write a few blogs for my own website, well mostly partial ones, but none for Blog Mutt. The boys seem to keep getting up earlier and earlier. I keep feeling more and more unmotivated. I try to write but it …

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Mar 03

Bad Case Of Writers Block

This morning I had a terrible case of writers block.   I had two posts to recycle and one post that I wanted to write. I even had a pretty good idea of what I was planning to write about. I started the beginning paragraph the evening before so I had a few ideas running through …

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Dec 19

Blank Mind!

I have been trying to do well waiting on the internet. However, my mind is a complete blank today. I usually write for several of the same clients for Blog Mutt so I have plenty of clients that I have kept on writing for even without the internet. However, today, I can’t even think of …

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Jun 04

Writer’s Block

I told myself that I was going to write an extra blog today.  While cleaning up around the house, ideas were flowing.  I couldn’t finish a topic before another one popped up in my head.  Wow.  Now, I sit here with a blank canvas and I am stuck.  What were all of the brilliant ideas …

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Apr 23

What to Do About Writer’s Block

It happens to everyone.  You can’t think of anything to write.  Maybe you saved a whole day to write.  You could have just been trying to squeeze in fifteen minutes.  No matter how long that you had to write, you are stressing because you are just sitting in your chair staring at the computer.   Here …

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