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Category Archive: Virtual Assistant

Aug 05

My Typical Day As A Virtual Assistant

                    I just read a blog post by another virtual assistant.  It was about her typical day and it sounded exhausting.  So, with her permission, I decided to write my own.  Maybe we can start a challenge! What is it REALLY like to work at home …

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Feb 12

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

A Virtual Assistant can help business owners, small and big, in many tasks. Some are hired full time though most work part time with several clients. Some Virtual Assistants work long term with clients though many work only when you need a little extra help. So what kind of things can a Virtual Assistant do …

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Jan 31

Some Reasons that You Might Need a Virtual Assistant

Many people do not know exactly what a Virtual Assistant is.  It is a relatively new term.  However, that does not mean that they do not need the help of a virtual assistant.  Several reasons that you might need a virtual assistant are: 1. You are overwhelmed with work.  You have a long list of …

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Jan 28

Why Do YOU Need a Social Media Manager?

Social Media is a new and changing field.  Many businesses are trying to jump into this exciting field.  However, social media can be complicated.  There are many different platforms and more are started daily.  A bad social media reputation can ruin a business.  So why would you need a Social Media Manager?   The main …

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