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Mar 14

Want a Beautiful Smile Again?

Are you tired of your smile? Do you have gaps in between your teeth or you are missing teeth? Do you have broken teeth? Are you struggling because you can’t afford to change the way your smile looks? Congratulations because there is a better way to have a happy and healthy smile without going to …

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Nov 30

Here is to Sverve!

I am trying out Sverve to get new followers. Check it out! Here is to more adventures! I’ll let you know more as I learn about it!

Oct 13

Evan’s First Day of School

So, today was Evan’s first day of school. He was not very excited but he quickly changed his mind. He couldn’t wait to go to school once I started talking about blocks, the sand table, and some of the other fun things that he could do. We got dressed and he was ready to go. …

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