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Category Archive: Setting Goals

Jan 19

Tips for Working at Home

I am hoping that by the time that you read this, I have gotten my business back on track. I am sure that I am writing plenty for BlogMutt but, who knows if I have gotten many of my personal blogs written. I am also staring at my Christmas and winter decorations that I probably …

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Jan 12

Tips to Getting Things Done

My last blog was about doing tasks that don’t necessarily make me money right away. These include writing my own blogs, social media, and the dreaded paperwork. Spreading out my paperwork seems to make that more manageable for me so I don’t really get too stressed out about my paperwork.           …

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Nov 10

I Want This!

Now that I am ready to start looking for new opportunities to blog, I really have to work hard!               I have to work on my social media marketing. Every time that I focus on my Facebook marketing, I work hard on that for a month or two and …

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Nov 03

I’m Ready!

Today, my brain hurts!               Lately, there are too many choices of customers for BlogMutt that I simply spend too much time choosing who to write for and not enough time writing. It is time to revisit how I am spending my working time. I am not spending enough …

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Oct 27

Successful Business

I had a wonderful month of September. I wrote a TON of blogs. It was a total of 62 blogs last month.               My goal used to be 40 but I decided to push myself and try to do 50. I passed it by a lot! My new laptop …

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Aug 18

Running a Business

              Having a business can be tough. There is just so much to do and not enough time. Some days feel so successful when I get a lot done. Then, there are days when I don’t get anywhere near my business. I made a writing goal for BlogMutt and …

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