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Category Archive: Setting Goals

Sep 26

Getting Back in Gear

Now that the boys are in school, it is time to get my writing back in gear. I haven’t had a very productive summer, though now that we had to buy another vehicle, it is more important than ever that I get writing! Are you having a lull in your business or life in general? …

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Feb 28


I have taken a week or so to try to decide how I want to proceed with my writing business. Though I wish I could make more money with my ebooks, I am going to have to find a way to get a steady income. I have started back at BlogMutt which is a breath …

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Dec 13

Growing my Ebook Business

I have been taking a lot of courses on ebooks, marketing, and growing an ebook business. This is really exciting to me, though I am learning that I can’t do it without help! Most of the courses are about having multiple books for sale. The more books that you have for sale, the better chance …

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Oct 18

Four Reasons Schedules are Important

My last few blog posts have been about schedules. Though many people don’t want to have a schedule, they are really important for the following reasons:               If you live and work with children around you, they do better with schedules. They act better if they know when they …

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Sep 27

Finding Work As a Freelancer

When you work from home and freelance, you are in charge of finding work for yourself. Only you can determine how much work you can successfully handle. You have to find a balance between making the amount of money you need and how much you really want to work.             …

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Mar 15

Tips to Fit It All In

My last post was about struggling to fit it all in. My days keep getting busier and busier and, without school, I haven’t had much of break from the boys. They have been fighting and getting into everything.               Because of this, I decided to find some tips to …

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