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Category Archive: Images For Blogs

Sep 29

Pictures for Your Blog

Back to pictures for your blog.               I decided to start researching where you can get pictures for your blog. WOW! A long list came up of definitions. They don’t even make sense to me. Some pictures can be altered. Some can’t. With some of the pictures, you need …

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Sep 15

Why Your Blog Needs Pictures

So, I was recently talking about getting sued over pictures with your blog. You might be thinking that it would be easy to solve this problem. Just don’t use pictures. Why do blogs even need pictures? Good question!               So, I started off by searching the web and couldn’t …

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Sep 01

Be Careful with Your Pictures!

One of my recent blogs was about I still can’t say enough about it. I just love it.               However, you might be wondering why a website like that even matters. Let me tell you. People have been getting sued over the pictures that they place on their …

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Aug 11

Images on Your Blog –

Writing a blog is fun and challenging. I love to get my feelings out. However, I really enjoy finding the pictures to show what my blog is all about. Now, for awhile, I was very scared about copy writing issues. I have heard about some bloggers getting sued about the pictures that they were using …

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