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Category Archive: Finding Clients

Sep 27

Finding Work As a Freelancer

When you work from home and freelance, you are in charge of finding work for yourself. Only you can determine how much work you can successfully handle. You have to find a balance between making the amount of money you need and how much you really want to work.             …

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Aug 16

Juggling Act

Today, I went back to BlogMutt. I wrote a few blogs on something other than veterinary medicine. It felt really good. I would love to be able to write at both places. BlogMutt gives me the freedom to choose topics and write blogs, which I love to do. My other job allows me to write …

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Aug 09

The Way You Treat People

I have always thought that I was a nice person. A people-pleaser through to my core, I hate to upset people. The thought of people not liking me makes me ill. I just can’t help it. It is the way that I am and by now, I can’t change! I always try to treat people …

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Aug 02


I was really brave and I am proud of myself.               I have been really struggling with my new writing job. They keep asking more and more of me. I can’t keep up. I work so much more than I thought I actually would. I was really thinking about …

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Jul 05

Reasons to Say No to Certain Clients

When you own a business, you may worry about getting clients. Without them, you are not making any money. However, you have a right to pick who you work for and when you are willing to work. You are allowed to be picky about your clients.               Here are …

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