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Category Archive: Delegation

Nov 01


I usually set aside a day where I get all of my blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets done. I even do them for my other businesses and my mom’s real estate page too!   I usually do this in the middle of the month so that I don’t have to worry about running out of …

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Oct 04

Tips to Getting Things Done In Your Business

As I started a blog earlier (and discarded it completely), I realized something. Though I love to write and connect with others on social media and blogs, when it comes time to do my own, I struggle. I should enjoy this time since it allows me to be creative and write about what I want …

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Sep 06

Four Things I have Learned About Delegation

The past few weeks, I have learned a little bit about delegation. I have gotten help with DVM Multimedia, hiring a few writers to help me. This has eased my load a little bit so that I am not so overwhelmed.               The experience has been different. There are …

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Jul 26

Common Tasks To Be Delegated!

My next ebook is going to be about delegation. In order to be more successful and get more work done, it is really important to learn how to delegate tasks so that you can focus on money making tasks. You can delegate things that you don’t like doing also. So, what tasks can you delegate? …

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May 31

Reasons To Hire Someone To Write Your Business Blog

Blogging is important for your business. There are millions of people online and you should blog to get their attention. You are knowledgeable about plenty of things and people deserve to hear about it. They will start to treat you like an expert and go to you when they need advice! Blogging is a great …

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Sep 26

Reasons to Delegate In Your Small Business

The last time that we talked, we discussed delegating, whether you chose to get help in your home or business. Some people ask for help with their children and home. Others prefer to delegate business tasks such as phone calls and record keeping. It does not really matter what things that you hire someone else …

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