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Category Archive: Children

Feb 21

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Today was quite a day! It all started like normal. The boys were out playing. Neal was on the computer watching them through the window and I was trying to clean up the kitchen before I got my day started. I went in the other room and heard Cody come in crying. Neal ran out …

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Oct 18

Four Reasons Schedules are Important

My last few blog posts have been about schedules. Though many people don’t want to have a schedule, they are really important for the following reasons:               If you live and work with children around you, they do better with schedules. They act better if they know when they …

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Oct 11

Making Adjustments

School is in session for one child at least! He is adjusting well and doing good in Kindergarten. Evan will start school in a few weeks. He will go to preschool three mornings a week.               We are in a balance of trying to find a new schedule for …

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Sep 20

Reasons I am Ready for School

School is almost here. It starts next week (though we will have a few weeks under our belt before you read this.)               I am dreading it for many reasons. However, I am also ready for school! Here is why I am ready for school. I will finally have …

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Sep 13

Reasons I am Dreading School

School is starting next week (we will have had a few weeks under our belt when you read this).               I am dreading this time as much as I am ready for it! I am dreading it because: I worry that Cody is not ready. Actually, I know that …

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Aug 23

Things I Wish I Knew

Here is an excerpt from my latest book that is in progress: Failing As a Parent And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small Boys The chapter is called Things I Wish I Knew. I hope you enjoy it. Everyone has assumptions before they become parents. I am no different. I saw …

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