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Category Archive: Blogging

May 31

Reasons To Hire Someone To Write Your Business Blog

Blogging is important for your business. There are millions of people online and you should blog to get their attention. You are knowledgeable about plenty of things and people deserve to hear about it. They will start to treat you like an expert and go to you when they need advice! Blogging is a great …

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May 24

Necessary Business Tasks

There is so much more to running a business than the thing that you enjoy doing (mine is writing)! My writing business is going well. I have one big client who has an endless supply of work. I could work only for him and be just fine. I am trying to learn to balance my …

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Apr 12

I Did It!

I did it! My second book is finally done!               Now, there is a lot more to do before it is ready to be published. I want to make it my best yet (and I have been learning a lot through my Udemy courses). I am going to have …

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Apr 05

On Deadline

I have been really busy lately with my writing. I got my first deadline and have been spending too much time writing and not enough with the kids.               During the day, I sit with my laptop near the boys who are happily playing outside. When it gets a …

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Mar 01

Gateway Content: E-book

My last few blogs have been about the courses that I have been taking on Udemy. I am amazed at how much I am learning about social media marketing and marketing in general. My very last blog post talked about the different types of content including free, gateway, and your premium services or products. This …

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Feb 29

Blogging For Your Business – My Ebook

I am so excited! My ebook is live and ready for sale.               Here is a little bit about the book: This book offers blogging information for business owners, whether they have a blog or not. It is includes the following chapters: Introduction What Is a Blog? Why Do …

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