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Category Archive: Blogging Education

Mar 01

Gateway Content: E-book

My last few blogs have been about the courses that I have been taking on Udemy. I am amazed at how much I am learning about social media marketing and marketing in general. My very last blog post talked about the different types of content including free, gateway, and your premium services or products. This …

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Feb 29

Blogging For Your Business – My Ebook

I am so excited! My ebook is live and ready for sale.               Here is a little bit about the book: This book offers blogging information for business owners, whether they have a blog or not. It is includes the following chapters: Introduction What Is a Blog? Why Do …

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Feb 02

Taking Classes

As I have said many times, it is important to spend money on education for you and your business. It is necessary for the growth of your business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. There are plenty of online classes that are free or cheap. I like to use They had a special …

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Nov 10

I Want This!

Now that I am ready to start looking for new opportunities to blog, I really have to work hard!               I have to work on my social media marketing. Every time that I focus on my Facebook marketing, I work hard on that for a month or two and …

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Jun 16

Life (and Business) Is a Learning Curve

I recently tried something new: I got an incubator to hatch out some baby chicks. Let me tell you, I was not successful at all. Out of forty eggs, I have four healthy chicks (two weeks later). I have so much more to learn. It is so much easier to let the hens do all …

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May 26

Fizzle Shout-Out!

I just want to use this week to give a HUGE shout out to I learned so very much in my classes that I just had to give another shout out to Fizzle. If you are struggling in your business (or you don’t even have to be), you should check them out. The first …

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