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Aug 25

Buying A Laptop

I finally did it.









I went out and bought a laptop. I found a used one that is supposed to be really good outside. They make tough ones that can be beat up. It is called a Panasonic Toughbook.

What a difference having a laptop makes! On my first afternoon of using it, I sat outside and wrote five or six blog posts from start to finish. I was able to do all of the research and publish them on BlogMutt, even while I sat outside. I didn’t even have much trouble seeing the screen outside like I did with my tablet. It was amazing.

Getting my laptop lead to a really good month. I wrote fifty six blog posts for BlogMutt. I think that it was the highest that I ever did since I started writing for them. Hopefully, it is the motivation that I need to kick my business up a notch.

I even took the boys to a camp this week. I left them there the first day but the second and third day, I took my new laptop and sat under the tree with my new laptop and kicked some serious writer’s butt! What a difference my new laptop makes! I only wish I would have done it sooner. Now, to start making some money to pay off some of my bills!

Maybe I can start taking on some new clients. I saw a course to help you get some higher end clients. If this laptop pays off, maybe I will try to take the course around the end of the year and take my business up a notch when the boys start school.

Til next time.