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Apr 15

Blogging Today


It is a beautiful day.  I took the boys for a walk.  Now, they are playing quietly in the sandbox.  I am out here with my notebook (I know – old school) writing blog post after blog post.  Though I can’t type them or research anything, I have written several.  I will also have to find pictures for each post (which is the hardest part for me).

It feels so nice knowing that I have several posts written for the next few weeks.  I will continue to try to write a blog post every week but it is wonderful knowing that I have several to fall back on.  Writing is what I enjoy doing.  I like it even more when the ideas flow.  Why stop when your mind is full of blog posts?

I will have a back up when my mind decides to stop and I have the dreaded writer’s block.  Writer’s block is the worst.  I have heard that it happens to everyone, including professional writers.  So, keep writing when you can and save up for when you can’t.  Now that I have finished this post (sorry – it is a short one today), my mind is finished.  I guess I wrote too many.  🙂