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Apr 08

Blogging: Keeping it Real


You all know that I am new to blogging.  I really enjoy it but every week, I struggle to figure out what to write about.  There are almost too many topics!  Also, I want it to be informative to my readers.  I am struggling to figure out what my readers want to learn about.  I also want to write about things that are useful to me as I grow my business.  It can be difficult.

I also struggle with wanting to write about my life.  It is so very therapeutic.  Apparently, as I am learning in the last few weeks, it is so helpful to know that you are not alone in your struggles.  However, that is what my e-book is for, right?  But isn’t blogging personal?  You want to learn about me as a person.

I write blogs for others also.  Those are usually easier and are simply informative.  I write for BlogMutt.  You don’t get paid much and only when your blogs are published.  For the most popular customers, you might not get paid for months.  I have one post that I won’t get paid for until mid July.  I quickly learned to look for blogs where there are not many posts waiting to be published.

I have searched many other sites looking for blog jobs.  It is just a big scary.  What if I can’t think of a topic every week?  What if the boys don’t nap and I can’t write?  What about spring when I am outside from early in the morning until dark?  I know that all of these things are part of owning your own business but it is still a scary thought.  It also does not help that the first blog I got interested in applying for needed five to eight posts a week.  That is a lot.

Blogging is a fun and conversational way to make money at home.  However, it has its challenges, like any other job.  Figuring out what to write about is one.  Another is finding the time, especially with children.  However, it is definitely worth it.  Maybe soon, I’ll actually get up the courage to apply for a blogging job.