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Mar 04

Blogging Changes, Right?


After sticking to very informational blog posts for my first several blogs, I then decided to switch it up and make a very personal blog.  I was sick, my children were sick, and we were stuck inside.  During this time, we got hit by snow storm after snow storm.  Then, we had ice with no electricity.  My outside children were stuck inside for WAY too long and so was I.  So, of course, my blog had to go with the flow and be more relaxed.  I also needed a way to (kindof) vent out my frustration.  My topic went totally down the drain.  But, since it is my blog, the topic can change, right?

The week after, I found myself ranting a little after I scheduled my Facebook posts for the month.  I found that I really enjoyed writing that way.  My post was written quickly, yet it was still efficient.  I still want to have informative blogs that will help my readers.  However, I found the first few, way too formal.  So, I am going to adapt a less formal, more conversational blog.  But, since it is my blog, I can make changes, right?

What should you expect from me now?  By now, you probably have figured out that I am a newbie when it comes to blogging.  I am trying to find my voice while writing about topics that I am learning all about.  I am going to continue to use my blog as a time to research information that should be important to both you and me.  However, I am going to write in my own words and way.  My writing has always steered toward simple and conversational so it is easier for me to write this way.

I am hoping that we can learn a lot together as my business and my blogging grows.  Please stick with me during my journey.  I appreciate all of you.