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All About Blogs

blogBlogging is SO important for any business.

Here are some of my blogs that are all about blogging.  You might want to start here, if you are still unsure about why your business needs a blog.

Why Do YOU Need a Blog??   Part One. 

Why Do YOU Need a Blog??   Part Two.

Once you decide you need a blog, then you need topics.  Here are some helpful blogs for you.

How To Find Topics For Your Blogs (Part I)

How To Find Topics For Your Blogs (Part II)

No blog is complete without pictures!

Why Your Blog Needs Pictures

However, you have to be careful with pictures. Many bloggers (and social media businesses) have been sued over their pictures. Here are some blogs about finding pictures.

Be Careful with Your Pictures

Finding Pictures For Your Blog

Pictures for Your Blog

Images On Your Blog –

Writer’s Block is a terrible problem for writers.  The only way to avoid it is to have someone else (like me) write your blogs for you!  Otherwise, here are some helpful blogs that I have written.

What to Do About Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

Here are some of my personal stories from when I was starting out.  I mostly wrote for a small company.  I was trying to figure out how to balance motherhood and writing.  I was also trying to figure out exactly what to write about.  I wanted to be informative to my readers but also used my blog as a way to get my struggles out.

Blogging Changes, Right?

Blogging Today

Blogging: Keeping it Real

I’d Rather Be Blogging!

Business Trial and Error

Successful Business

Update on My Writing Business

Struggling with My Blog Already!

After growing as a business owner, I am starting to feel ready to continue to grow my business with personal clients. Though I have always been trying to get clients instead of focusing on BlogMutt, I am at the point where I know that I can handle the load! Here are some blogs I wrote about it.

I’m Ready

I Want This!

My News

After all of those great blogs, I thought I would write one more for you! 

Reasons to Hire ME to Write Your Blog

Dawn Hornberger (37 of 65)You know that you (and your business) NEED me!

If you are still concerned, I have a few blogs about delegation, that you might be interested in reading.

It is Ok to Ask for Help

Time: The Biggest Reason that You Need Help

Thoughts on Delegation

Reasons to Delegate In Your Small Business