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Feb 09

A Little About Marketing

I have been taking my Udemy classes on social media marketing. For someone like me (who doesn’t really understand much about marketing AT ALL), I have really been learning a lot.









Marketing is something that should be done in a business all of the time. However, that is not what normally happens in most businesses. Most businesses focus all of their efforts on marketing during their slow times. When work picks up, that is the first thing that gets dropped! Then, when work gets slow again, they start marketing for new clients again.

How healthy is a business that has such busy and slow times? Not very!

If you want a healthy and strong business, you need to market your business all of the time so that you always have customers. You don’t want too many customers that you can’t keep up but you don’t want too many times when you don’t have any work. The way to do that is to market your business all of the time.

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The best thing about social media marketing is that it is constant. Instead of email marketing or mailing out newsletters once a month, you are going to be in front of your customers every day with social media. That way, when they need your services or product, they will automatically think about you!