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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 25

Four Ways To Adjust to Change Better

Adjustments are hard, no matter what changes. You may move to a new home, start school, or try to adjust as you start a business from your home. It is important that you learn to adjust well and quickly. Here are some tips to help! Learn about what to expect. The unknown is scarier than …

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Oct 18

Four Reasons Schedules are Important

My last few blog posts have been about schedules. Though many people don’t want to have a schedule, they are really important for the following reasons:               If you live and work with children around you, they do better with schedules. They act better if they know when they …

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Oct 11

Making Adjustments

School is in session for one child at least! He is adjusting well and doing good in Kindergarten. Evan will start school in a few weeks. He will go to preschool three mornings a week.               We are in a balance of trying to find a new schedule for …

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Oct 04

Tips to Getting Things Done In Your Business

As I started a blog earlier (and discarded it completely), I realized something. Though I love to write and connect with others on social media and blogs, when it comes time to do my own, I struggle. I should enjoy this time since it allows me to be creative and write about what I want …

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