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Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 30

Sharing More Excerpts

I am so proud of my ebooks, though not many people are reading them. Here is an excerpt from: Work From Home: Can You Do It All? I hope that you enjoy it and share it with others! I have decided to share two chapters that go well together! Working From Home Is a Dream …

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Aug 23

Things I Wish I Knew

Here is an excerpt from my latest book that is in progress: Failing As a Parent And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small Boys The chapter is called Things I Wish I Knew. I hope you enjoy it. Everyone has assumptions before they become parents. I am no different. I saw …

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Aug 16

Juggling Act

Today, I went back to BlogMutt. I wrote a few blogs on something other than veterinary medicine. It felt really good. I would love to be able to write at both places. BlogMutt gives me the freedom to choose topics and write blogs, which I love to do. My other job allows me to write …

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Aug 09

The Way You Treat People

I have always thought that I was a nice person. A people-pleaser through to my core, I hate to upset people. The thought of people not liking me makes me ill. I just can’t help it. It is the way that I am and by now, I can’t change! I always try to treat people …

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Aug 02


I was really brave and I am proud of myself.               I have been really struggling with my new writing job. They keep asking more and more of me. I can’t keep up. I work so much more than I thought I actually would. I was really thinking about …

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