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Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 31

Reasons To Hire Someone To Write Your Business Blog

Blogging is important for your business. There are millions of people online and you should blog to get their attention. You are knowledgeable about plenty of things and people deserve to hear about it. They will start to treat you like an expert and go to you when they need advice! Blogging is a great …

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May 24

Necessary Business Tasks

There is so much more to running a business than the thing that you enjoy doing (mine is writing)! My writing business is going well. I have one big client who has an endless supply of work. I could work only for him and be just fine. I am trying to learn to balance my …

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May 17

Why You Need Balance When You Work From Home

As someone who works from home while also working outside of the home, I struggle to find a balance between working and enjoying my family. This is especially true when I am really excited about a project. I have been writing a few e-books lately. It started out as one and then became two. I …

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May 13

A More Personal E-book

I have just finished my latest e-book and it is different from anything that I have written so far!               I Am A Good Mom, Right?: And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small Boys is available on Amazon right now! For the next few days, …

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May 10

Finding Balance

Finding balance is, I think, the hardest part of owning your own business. You get pulled in so many directions. There are the kids who need you (and you can’t not take care of them).               Then, many people struggle with the housework. It can be really hard to …

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May 03

Writing Better Blogs

I have been reading some blogs from other small business owners. I just want to apologize to my readers (if there are any of you that visit with me regularly). I really enjoyed one blog and realized that I need to put more effort into each and every blog that I write. No more awkward …

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