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Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 29

Four Tips For Creating a Home and Work Balance

Whether you work at home or in an office, running a business can be challenging. There is always going to be something that you have to do and your family is going to be calling. Balancing home and work is always hard though, it is possible.               Here are …

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Mar 22

Four Reasons to Take Care of Yourself

When we try to fit it all in, we often forget about ourselves. We struggle to get everything done and fit it all in, without worrying about ourselves. Often, we end up taking good care of everyone but ourselves. Unfortunately, that is bad for us.               Here are some …

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Mar 15

Tips to Fit It All In

My last post was about struggling to fit it all in. My days keep getting busier and busier and, without school, I haven’t had much of break from the boys. They have been fighting and getting into everything.               Because of this, I decided to find some tips to …

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Mar 14

Want a Beautiful Smile Again?

Are you tired of your smile? Do you have gaps in between your teeth or you are missing teeth? Do you have broken teeth? Are you struggling because you can’t afford to change the way your smile looks? Congratulations because there is a better way to have a happy and healthy smile without going to …

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Mar 08

Fitting Everything In

Lately, I have been having trouble fitting everything in. I have a lot of things that I need to do every day and I just feel like I am barely starting my list by the time the day is over. Then, I have to decide whether to start writing or just go to bed. We …

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Mar 01

Gateway Content: E-book

My last few blogs have been about the courses that I have been taking on Udemy. I am amazed at how much I am learning about social media marketing and marketing in general. My very last blog post talked about the different types of content including free, gateway, and your premium services or products. This …

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