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Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 26

My News!

I have some wonderful news to share with all of you!               I have gotten my first client, outside of BlogMutt and my own blogs. Though I have been blogging and using Facebook and Twitter to market my services for quite a while, it is exciting to see it …

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Jan 19

Tips for Working at Home

I am hoping that by the time that you read this, I have gotten my business back on track. I am sure that I am writing plenty for BlogMutt but, who knows if I have gotten many of my personal blogs written. I am also staring at my Christmas and winter decorations that I probably …

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Jan 12

Tips to Getting Things Done

My last blog was about doing tasks that don’t necessarily make me money right away. These include writing my own blogs, social media, and the dreaded paperwork. Spreading out my paperwork seems to make that more manageable for me so I don’t really get too stressed out about my paperwork.           …

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Jan 05

Struggling with My Blog Already!

I am not starting this year off well with my own blogging. I ended last year with a bang at BlogMutt. I wrote my record number of blogs in one month, totaling out at seventy two blogs in the month of December. I was very proud of myself. Some of them were even six hundred …

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