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Monthly Archive: December 2015

Dec 29

Automating Your Posts and Tweets

My last post was short because of the holidays. However, I briefly talked about automating posts to make your life a little easier.               When you automate your posts, you schedule them in advanced. You can do a day or two at a time but many people do a …

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Dec 22


Since this week is Christmas, I am sure most of you are not working on your business much. You are probably busy getting ready to celebrate with your family. Hopefully, you are like me and have most of your social media posts, tweets, and blog posts written and scheduled. Sounds like a good topic to …

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Dec 15

Learning about Feedly – Social Media Marketing

I just finished a course about gaining Twitter followers. However, I learned quite a bit more than how to get a ton of followers. I came away from the course with a ton of knowledge about social media marketing.   The biggest thing that I can’t wait to share with my readers is about …

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Dec 08

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media is so important for businesses. It helps you find new clients or customers (whichever you feel comfortable calling them). Sometimes, it can be quite time consuming. For this reason, many business owners outsource their social media marketing so that they can focus on making money.               Social …

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Dec 02

New Adventure

I know that I am crazy busy but I am starting a new adventure simply because I LOVE the smell of these candles and I want the discount. I am now a rep for Jewelry in Candles.               You can check out my store at or like me …

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Dec 01

Not Ready For Today’s Post – Procrastination

              I am so behind. I always have a blog or two ready and waiting to be published. However, it is Tuesday morning and I have nothing. I have tried two or three times to sit down and write. Nothing has come to me. Absolutely nothing! I have been …

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