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Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 30

Here is to Sverve!

I am trying out Sverve to get new followers. Check it out! Here is to more adventures! I’ll let you know more as I learn about it!

Nov 25

Things To Be Thankful For

Though we should be thankful every day, it can be hard in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. November (and Thanksgiving) reminds us to be thankful of the things that we have in our lives. It always makes me stop and think of all of the things that I am blessed to have in …

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Nov 24

Why Do YOU Need a Blog??? Part Two

Here is the second part that I promised you!               I am glad that you are back for part two of this blog.  Maybe I already convinced you that you need a blog but you are curious about the rest of the reasons.  Maybe you are still not convinced …

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Nov 17

Why Do YOU Need a Blog??? Part ONE

If I am going to work on growing my business and focusing on the basics, I am going to bring back some of my important blogs. In the next two weeks, we are going to re-discover why YOUR business needs to have a blog!               First of all, what …

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Nov 10

I Want This!

Now that I am ready to start looking for new opportunities to blog, I really have to work hard!               I have to work on my social media marketing. Every time that I focus on my Facebook marketing, I work hard on that for a month or two and …

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Nov 03

I’m Ready!

Today, my brain hurts!               Lately, there are too many choices of customers for BlogMutt that I simply spend too much time choosing who to write for and not enough time writing. It is time to revisit how I am spending my working time. I am not spending enough …

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